If you use a torch, use a timer…


  • No Ads!
  • Tone Selection
  • More Max Time
  • Color Selection
  • Audible “Beep” notification
  • Screen stays on & dims during countdown
  • Dark Mode
  • Vibrate Control
  • Extra Preset Program
  • Simple touch/tap operation
  • Tablet friendly minimal design

5+ years in the making, the dab.ninja PRO countdown dab timer app is finally here! No more hassles with those absolute trash stock timers, step your sessions up with REAL NINJA POWER for less than the cost of a dab.

Designed specifically for concentrate sessions, the dab.ninja countdown dab timer is a quick, easy-to-use, hyper effective way to get perfectly timed low-temp dabs, every single time.


dab.ninja tools provide an advantage on the modern dabbtlefield. Use them.


Move quickly and strike with deadly accuracy. Use the ways of the Shatter Shinobi.


We’re not talking about pirates here. Batman was a ninja. Know what you’re up against.

You can be seen…