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  • Tone Selection
  • Audible “Beep” notification
  • Screen stays on & dims during countdown
  • Preset Programs
  • Simple touch/tap operation
  • Tablet friendly minimal design

5+ years in the making, the countdown dab timer app is finally here! No more hassles with those absolute trash stock timers, step your sessions up with REAL NINJA POWER for less than the cost of a dab.

is your perfect session companion

Easily unlock the true flavors and powerful effects of your concentrates with perfect temperature controlled dabs, every single time.

With the stylish, free, easy to use timer wheel on screen, drag out the time you need, hit play, and wait for the beep!

Great for board games, cooking, brushing your teeth, and other precision tasks faced by the modern ninja.

“Tired of uneven dabs? Say goodbye to subpar sessions with the countdown timer. Designed specifically for concentrate enthusiasts, this is the ultimate tool for achieving perfectly timed, low-temp dabs. With its simple, easy-to-use interface, you’ll be dominating your sessions in no time. Don’t settle for mediocre dabs, elevate your game with the countdown dab timer.”

– Chat GPT

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