– Guide to Dabbing –

A Wise Dab Ninja is Not Born Overnight

Be patient. The experienced dab ninja strives to attain the greatest, most effective, perfectly efficient, optimal strength and flavour experience from each hit.

Accomplished under the guise of a “Low Temp Dab”, by precisely monitoring the element’s temperature, the experienced dab ninja will exercise a full array of unique terpene compounds along with a highly concentrated dose of cannabinoids. Precise timing for the application of concentrate-to-nail allows a dab ninja full control over very powerful forces.

Always be Aware of Your Surroundings

There are many tools and materials available on your quest to unlock the powerful magic held within cannabis concentrates. Differing materials, thickness, designs, and the age of your dabbing elements create dynamic heating and cooling times required to attain an optimal dabbing temperature. The preferred timing can change quite drastically due to factors including the consistency and amount of concentrate material to be vaporized. Leaving a large puddle of un-vaped oil in the element is nearly as unsavory as scorching one away completely. Finding the right timing for your conditions will take practice and dedication. And the dab.ninja timer, obviously.


Using the dab.ninja Countdown Timer App

Specifically designed for concentrate sessions, the dab.ninja timer is a quick, simple, and hyper-effective way to get perfectly timed low-temp dabs, every single time.

    • Prepare yourself

Get the app or browser version open on your mobile device
– Slide the timer wheel out to your required countdown time

    • Hot stuff, comin’ through

– Torch your element until visual confirmation of heat appears
– Hit   on the dab.ninja countdown timer app

    • It just beeped at me

– At the tone, apply your concentrate to the element
– Use the applicable carb-cap/dome for maximized low-temp vapor