Striking swiftly with the timing of a furious jungle cat,
the Dab Ninja delivers an overwhelming addition of appropriate concentrate
to the hot element of their unsuspecting target with extreme precision…

The Dab Ninja defies traditional dabbing etiquette. Shamed and frowned upon by some, members of clan #dabninja are often misunderstood and complicated souls, yet are powerful and often unavoidable agents of the dabbing battlefield.

Appearing as if from the shadows, the successful Dab Ninja will make every effort to conceal their true intent. Be ever vigilant. There may be one in your presence now.

They are going to get you higher than you thought.

While it may appear the Dab Ninja operates in a corrupt, lawless society, there exists a code of honor between agents.
Allowing for skilled opponents to spar on level ground, the code was established to maintain a semblance of order where truly there is none.

  • Never, ever risk the glass – Safety first
  • Don’t target someone you don’t know *
  • Don’t ninja-dab someone on their first hit of the day
  • Improve the flavor – Don’t use reclaim or low-grade oil
dab ninja LEGENDS

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dab ninja FEELS

There is significant psychological scarring to the recipient and ninja from being party to this cursed way of life that mustn’t be overlooked. Well trained, long initiated Dab Ninjas will attest that a truly successful attempt results in both pride & elation, coupled with guilt & regret. One has delivered a potent death to their target’s plans by overkilling their dab, and in doing so shared an expensive and enjoyable experience with a new clan member. Such is the initiation and resulting pain of the Dab Ninja. The cycle never ends.

Known Techniques

Feared, battle tested methods include:

Classic ninja dabstraction
– Use our distraction tool on your target while preparing or hiring ronin
Loaded Carb-Cap
– Add dab to the inner lip of a carb-cap and feign innocence
– Throw a dab into the hot element of your target (highly advanced)
Fog of War
– Coordinated assault with multiple assassins acting against a single target
The Trebuchet
– Construct a trebuchet and launch attacks from across the table (mythical)

– Use distraction techniques to throw off your target
– Quietly employ a ronin to complete your task
– ?
– Enjoy Sweet Victory

In order to take down a formidable and experienced target, the Dab Ninja is known to employ ronin, rogue agents, and even unsuspecting future targets in their scheming. By quietly contracting a “hit” the Dab Ninja proves time and time again, one is never safe.